The project TuBAvI takes into consideration several actions, stated in the National Rural Development Programme (NRDP), in order to provide knowledge and new tools that can promote in situ and ex-situ in vitro techniques for the conservation of biodiversity in the Italian poultry breeds.

The project workplan involves the main poultry species used in the productive system, Gallus gallus and Meleagris gallopavo, and the majority of the breeds — within species — included in the Registro Anagrafico Avicoli – RAA (MIPAAFT, DG DISR n.19536, 01/10/2014).

The project TuBAvI has a bi-annual duration, 2018-2019, and is financed by MIPAAFT – NRDP 2014-2020 – Measure 10.2 Biodiversity – Poultry sector (DG DISR-DISR07-Prot. n. 0011078-16.03.2018).

  • Action 1

    Phenotypical characterisation of autochthonous breeds and species farmed in Italy

  • Action 2

    Genetic characterisation of Italian autochthonous chicken and turkey breeds

  • Action 3

    Checking the consistency of data and information

  • Action 4

    Assessment of conservation index, mating plans and breeding management

  • Action 5

    Assessment of consanguinity and genetic diversity in populations and calculation of inbreeding.

  • Action 6

    Monitoring of genetic diversity in autochthonous Italian breeds and its assessment.

  • Action 9

    Processing of phenotipic and genetic data

  • Action 10

    Communication and dissemination activities

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