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The mission of the Department of Veterinary Medicine (DiMeVet), University of Milan, is to promote animal and human health and welfare, taking also in consideration their interaction with the environment.
DiMeVet has been established in 2016 with the major aim to provide a large comprehensive training for the veterinary surgeon and other professional figures connected to the veterinary, animal production and biotechnological sciences. Training is offered through multidisciplinary courses, including hospital and research activities, based on prevention, diagnostics and therapy of animal diseases, and hygiene of livestock and productions. Furthermore, all the activities take into consideration veterinary public health according to a broader “One-health” objective, to guarantee the health and welfare of animals, people and the environment.
The Department is also actively involved in the management of the Centre for Veterinary Clinic and Animal Husbandry (CVCAH), in accordance with the current legislation and the resources allocated.
DiMeVet develops, coordinates and promotes clinical and diagnostic activities, in both surgeries and the field, in pets and livestock. Furthermore, DiMeVet promotes the prevention and treatment of animal behavioural problems, the prevention of diffusive animal diseases and zoonosis, and the inspection of food of animal origin to protect animal and human health. DiMeVet includes also other expertise related to veterinary sciences: livestock production, drug-toxicology and food production, biotechnology and environmental protection. It is an academic scientific department of national and international relevance in several topics: health, production, genetics and animal welfare.
A working group dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity in avian genetic resources is active within DiMeVet since several years. Phenotypic and genetic characterization has been studied in rare Italian poultry breeds. Research activities are combined with a conservation programme for small nucleus chicken and turkey populations reared at the Avian Center for Conservation of Local Genetic Resources. The Center was established within CVCAH on 2014 and recognized as reference structure for local avian breeds by the A.I.A. on 2016.

Project leader
Prof.ssa Cerolini Silvia
Dipartimento di Medicina Veterinaria
Via Trentacoste, 2 – 20134 Milano
e-mail: silvia.cerolini@unimi.it

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