Università degli studi di Padova


The University of Padova is one of the oldest in Italy and Europe and the most important in Italy as leader university for quality teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and services. The numbers underline the size and importance of this University: 62.000 students, 2.057 teachers, 2.275 administrative technicians, 11.604 graduates in 2015, 32 departments, over 2 million books in 33 libraries, 78-degree courses, 11 single-cycle degree courses. 60 master’s degrees, 47 specialization schools, 38 specialization courses, 3 advanced training courses, 36 doctorate courses, and 3 international doctorate courses. The English courses are constantly increasing as well as online support. The University of Padova is an important reality for the excellence of Italian research and allocates significant funding to it.

The Department of Agronomy Food Natural resources Animals and Environment (DAFNAE) was founded in 2012 by the fusion of teachers and administrative staff of the Departments of Environmental Agronomy and Crop Production, Agricultural Biotechnology and Animal Science. The “mission” of the Department is to promote the quality of human life, the competitiveness of the agri-food sector and the sustainable use of natural resources, biotic and abiotic, through the production and dissemination of knowledge on the management and improvement of plants, animals, soil and microorganisms for the production of quality food and biomass, ensuring the conservation of ecological systems, the protection of cultivated plants and enhancing the environment and biodiversity. Assuming that in the agro-food industry the close connections between the environment, crop and animal production, biomass and food require integrated and interdisciplinary approach, vision and methods, the Department DAFNAE develop excellent research and teaching in the fields of science and technology plant, animal and microbial soil, cultivation techniques and livestock, the environmental sustainability of agro-livestock and food biotechnology in agriculture and food and the environment, the preservation and enhancement of environmental resources and biodiversity, the properties technological products, and the evaluation and enhancement of the quality of the food. The DAFNAE department in 2013-2015 has managed an average annual budget of 6 million euros. The department has over 100 researchers, post-doctorates, and scholarship holders, collaborators. The scientific work produced led to 130 publications per years in ISI/-Scopus indexed journals. DAFNAE is the reference department for 11 courses divided in 5 three-years degree and 6 master degree courses (including 2 in English: Italian Food and Wine and Sustainable Agriculture) for a total of almost 2000 students.

Project leader
Prof. Cassandro Martino
Dipartimento di Agronomia, Animali, Alimenti, Risorse Naturali e Ambiente
Viale Dell’Università, 16 – 35020 Legnaro (PD)
e-mail: martino.cassandro@unipd.it

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