Università degli studi di Perugia

Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences

The Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences (DSA3) of Perugia (former Faculty of Agriculture) has been active since 2013. The DSA3 is made up of different Research Units (RUs) aimed at
• improving knowledge in agri-food supply chains,
• providing technical expertise in the fields of production, environmental and landscape protection,
• economic and cultural development of territorial systems.
The Department carries out both didactic and research activity. The research takes advantage of modern laboratories, computer rooms, greenhouses, botanical gardens, experimental and animal units.
In particular, the section of Animal Sciences is a structure of reference for research and dissemination activities in the animal science sector. It deals with aspects related to the rearing and feeding techniques of poultry and rabbit and evaluates the nutritional, functional and sensory characteristics of the meat and eggs. In addition, welfare and environmental impact of animal production is also considered.
The poultry and rabbit research group is managed by Prof. Cesare Castellini and Prof. Alessandro Dal Bosco. The research activity is mainly directed to the study of alternative rearing systems deepening problems related to feeding, to the management and quality of the production, without neglecting aspects of welfare, economic and environmental impact.
The research unit in animal science sciences of DSA3 also deals with the conservation of biodiversity, in particular by maintaining Italian poultry breeds (white, silver, golden and black Leghorn and Ancona).

Project leader
Prof. Castellini Cesare
Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences
Borgo 20 Giugno, 4 – 06100 Perugia
e-mail: cesare.castellini@unipg.it

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