Action 10

Communication and dissemination activities, preparation of thematic technical reports and scientific reports

Action 10 aims at the highest efficiency in the communication and dissemination of project activities and results. To reach this goal, the project will provide:

  • reports and technical data sheets for each poultry breed;
  • scientific reports to disseminate the most outstanding results;
  • an online survey to investigate how deep is the knowledge of consumers on autochthonous poultry breeds rearing and on their productions;
  • participation in national poultry trade shows/exhibitions to promote project activities and autochthonous poultry breed farming across the Country;
  • a project convention at the conclusion of project activities.

TuBAvI (2017-2020): results

Constant scientific information and dissemination was provided throughout the TuBAvI project on both activities and results.

The project website was the main tool to disseminate technical-scientific reports to a large audience (Action 1, Action 2; Action 4, Action 5, and Action 6).

Partners promoted the knowledge of autochthonous breeds and the awareness of the public opinion about the importance of poultry biodiversity by disseminating project activities in local public events (Events).

Results with the highest scientific relevance were published on international refereed thematic journals and presented in national and international conferences (Publications).