What do we do

The project ‘Conservation of biodiversity in Italian poultry breeds’  (TuBAvI) is dedicated to the safeguard, conservation and improvement of the Italian poultry genetic resources, represented by many autochthonous breeds historically present in the Country.

The project is fully consistent with the National Rural Development Programme (PSRN) – Biodiversity that is aimed to support the conservation of the animal genetic resources farmed for food production and the conservation of genetic variability through a series of activities focused on characterisation, data collection and sustainable utilisation of genetic resources in agriculture.

Who We Are

The TuBAvI project is the result of the association of the Italian Universities engaged in the conservation of biodiversity in poultry species through the direct management of autochthonous breed populations. The partnership allows the development of coordinated and integrated activities at national level, overcoming the problem of the positive initiatives limited at local areas.


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